Una vita con una bella storia


Sometimes people can be very devious and think they can deceive other people. I know a guy who has a lot to say, but little of it is true. I no longer believe anything he says. Which is bad, because sometimes he does speak the truth, but because he has lied so many times, the truth is also being questioned.

People aren’t stupid. Most of the time, people can be fooled once or twice, but then defense mechanisms kick in to prevent them being taken for a fool again. What they do then is to put a sign around the other person’s neck saying: This one talks nonsense. Take everything with a pinch or two of salt.

What we say and what we do show a lot. It shows people some of what is going on inside us and how we think about things. Sometimes I shudder at what I see …

We talked to someone about doing backups of our data. He was quite the smooth-talker. Talked about all that he could do and more. As he left, he said that he could install a program on each of our computers to download all our data without us knowing.

In saying this, he did not realise that he had showed us a picture of what he looked like inside and it wasn’t a nice picture at all. Why ever would you even want to learn to download such programs on other people computers? I would never trust him with my data.

If I ask the people close to me to give me a look at my life through their lenses, what would it look like?

We who are children of God have a big responsibility. Amidst all our sin, we have to show the world what a right life looks like. When everything looks good, then it’s easy, but what if things aren’t going that well? Especially then we need to be on our post and try our utmost to do it right.

6 … It’s important that a church leader, responsible for the affairs in God’s house, be looked up to.

At work, when people don’t obey my instructions, my conduct must illustrate how Jesus would have done it. When I’m driving my car, when everybody cuts in front of me. At home, when the children or the parents are out of line. When the government is making a mess once again. When …

Everywhere our lives must show who God is and that we will rather do as He did.

And if you should ask who don’t always succeed in doing this, I, embarrassingly, would have to put up my hand too. You too, probably. But let’s not cover ourselves in sackcloth and ashes. We all have something that’s off; we all have a hole in our armor, but let’s not allow that to put us off.

Let us find the dark spots in our lives. Let’s find those places where we know we fail the test, and work on it, so that our conduct may be impeccable.

Titus 1: 5-9

Where are your spots?
What must you do to get rid of those spots?
What spots did you have in your life a few years ago that are no longer there?

Jesus, I fail this test. All the time. I know I don’t always show how You lived here on earth. May You cover me in a blanket of grace and show me and help me to live life the way You want me to. Amen.

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