Ridurre lo stress personale: rilassarsi ed essere, meno TENSE!


Dr. Hans Selye, several decades ago, received the Nobel Prize, for his work, in the area of human stress. He determined, there are 2 forms, useful stresses, as opposed to, what he referred to, as distress, or the harmful, debilitating form. He stated, the difference, often, is how, someone, actually, prepares, to move forward, and put things, into proportion, thinking about, ways to achieve, rather than focusing on what might go wrong! When we proceed, towards, reducing our personal tensions, and stresses, and look forward, in a positive, proactive way, we are usually, far less TENSE! With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what this means and considers, and why it’s significant and meaningful.

1. Truthful (to self); try; time – tested; timely: It doesn’t help, to lie, to yourself, but rather, the smartest approach, is to be truthful, to your self! Be proactive, and always, try, to look at the bigger – picture! Learn, study, and take advantage of time – tested, experiences, and actions, for your best interests! When you face obstacles, always consider them, as challenges, rather than debilitating problems, and never, put off, until tomorrow, what you probably should have, already done! Realize, things don’t get better, or easier, when you procrastinate, and so, it is generally, less stressful, when you take well – considered, timely actions, putting things into perspective, and wasting less time, worrying!

2. Energy; emphasis; endurance; excellence: Doing things, which enhance the level of your personal energy, and placing your emphasis, where it benefits you, the most, enhances your personal endurance, and ability, to proceed, with stress – relieving, excellence!

3. Needs: Focus on your personal needs, instead of, simplifying trying to fit – in, and consider, others, to be, the norm ! When you take the time, and make the effort, to know more about yourself, identify your personal strengths, and weaknesses, you will discover, how to effectively utilize, your strengths, and the best way, for you, to address, areas of weakness!

4. Serve (you); solutions; sustainable; strengths; systems: What’s the best approach, to serve you, and your goals and priorities? Focus on well – considered, viable solutions, and consider, not only present needs, but foreseeable, future ones, in a sustainable manner. Develop, create and utilize, systems, which help you, be happiest, etc!

5. Efforts; ego: Don’t let your ego, become your enemy! Dedicate your efforts, to proceeding, introspectively, and objectively, forward, in a positive, happy, healthy, manner!

Although, most of us, say, we would like, to reduce our stresses, few take proactive measures, to ensure, achieving their intentions! When you relax, you’ll be far less TENSE, and your health, and well – being, will benefit!

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