Mentre mi attengo alle mie pistol


Everything bad in life is a test of faith, honesty and realistically looking at yourself. With that said, I begin this article: The good and great is just the good and great, not a test, and sometimes even a reward. Thinking about my life, it has mostly tested and enhanced my best understanding to the point where I can honestly say that if I do have a problem, it can become something good. Now, maintaining a balanced attitude is where I genuinely “stick to my guns” and go through the bad and cherish the good as a genuine reward after I fully understand the bad.

If that seems hard to understand for some, I will just say that I have patience, understanding and tolerance for it all, and genuinely end my paragraph there. For, I do my best to have a balanced attitude about life, and never get cross or take angry action without the fullest inner justification. That means it takes something really genuine to make me genuinely angry or cross because I do my best as a virtue to look at reality in an equitably realistic way whether it favors or does not favor me. I do my best to make decisions quickly and change them only when necessary. Call it leveraging on the side of honesty with myself. To some, that may be “moss backed” or being overtly tolerant and understanding in my thinking. Indeed, though, to have a total picture, all sides must be fully seen and understood to the best of the ability of a person, or nothing is genuinely understood. That is not just my opinion, that is a reality. “I stick to my guns”, so to speak, write and communicate. After all reality is a totality, and not just parts to be accepted or discarded just because they do not agree with us in some way. All viewpoints must be considered before we form our genuine understanding, really.

The hardest and greatest thing (in that order) in existence is to have a genuinely balanced opinion based on all the facts fully understood. Now, I am willing to admit when I am wrong or right equally and adjust my understanding accordingly and open mindedly though the primacy of reality is always important to me in my thinking, actions and reality. In short, I do not live on the “mystical whims I want to be right”. I always endeavor to live reality with fairness and honesty with myself.

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