Il podcasting è difficile da fare?


Today, I will answer the question, “Is It Difficult to Do?”

Quick answer is “No.” But there are some things that you need to pay attention to in order to produce a quality product. If you do not have a quality podcast in this day and time, your listeners will probably only end up being your family and close friends. If you want to expand your reach, you should invest in a few pieces of equipment that will improve your quality.

Now, if you are doing a video podcast, you definitely will need a camera. If you are going to use your lap top, you probably have a camera built-in. If you are using a desk top computer, you can purchase a cheap camera that will sit on top of the monitor. The other option is to purchase an actual video camera, but this could also be the most expensive option.

For an audio podcast, you can use the microphone built into the computer itself. But it will also sound like you are using the microphone built into the computer. For just a small investment, you can purchase a headset and microphone combination. This will improve the sound quality and help you to stand out from those who just want to use their cell phone or computer microphone.

For a bit more, you can purchase a little better Condenser microphone, such as a Blue Yeti or Blue Snowball. These work well as long you stay close to the microphone. I have used a Blue Yeti and you can see it here!

If you truly want to go all out and get to the professional sounding quality, you can purchase a Dynamic Microphone. This style of microphone only picks up sounds that are directly in front of it. It’s the type you see in pictures of radio stations where the DJ is speaking directly into the mic. The condenser mic’s pick up sounds from AROUND the microphone … basically, the room. Which is why it sounds “funny” unless you are directly in front of the microphone, like I am right now.

So, there you have a list of some of the equipment you will need. In the next article, I will answer the question, “Is it complicated?”

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