I bowlers vengono ombreggiati dal battitore di Cricket in questi giorni?


Cricket has always been a batsmen’s game where every bit of the rule in the game has been designed to favor the batsman and not the bowler. From the very beginning the game had been biased towards the batting side. It is actually because at the core of the cricket it works on the ‘reactive science’ and the thrill of the game comes from the reply that a batsman can give to the ball hurled at him. Moreover, just look at the cricket viewership, have you ever seen anyone, not hungry for runs from their favorite team. Scoring the largest amount of runs is what anyone ever wants to see from their team. It’s simple, taking more wickets didn’t make anyone win any match if their batting side didn’t do their job properly. If I’m not wrong even during the colonial times when cricket was played in the colonies, the British clique only batted leaving the bowling part to the subjects. Batting was always seen superior to bowling as the thrill of the game came from how good the reply is from the batsman to the ball hurled at him by the bowler. Also, how often having you seen people getting on their feet jumping after a bowler delivers a dot ball or a wide; bowling is only celebrated when wicket is taken where is every boundaries of the batsmen are greeted with a huge excitement. Not to mention, in this age of virtual cricket tournaments, as conducted in the fantasy cricket sites, players are more concerned with choosing the right batsmen who score a huge run as that can fetch a bulk cash prize to the player who is there to play fantasy cricket. As compared with batsmen bowlers are less economical as scoring scope is limited. Therefore, in order to play online cricket games it is important to study the batsmen very thoroughly.

Every rule of cricket is based for the batsman’s benefit starting from a batting suitable pitch to boundary sizes and even restricting the bowler from delivering certain shots.

Having said that however, this is also true that the hype has become real since the last 20 years to help the batsman to score more. Two decades back we could see batsmen coming into the pitch without much protective gears against the thrashing bowling attack of the bowlers. Overs were more and Test matches were important where batsman were not able to hit much boundaries against the prolonged attack of the bowlers. This however turned out to be less productive when it came to the viewership as test matches appeared kind of boring and people liked the pace of the ODI’s with limited overs where the thrill is real. Limited over matches became the haven for cricketers as Boundaries became smaller, pitch is made more flatter and batsmen friendly, bats have improved having better balance, better handles, and generally better shape aka ‘SUPERBATS’. Moreover, also came into the seen improved protective gears for the batsmen. So yes, indeed nowadays teams compete for more runs against each other thus making it a batsmen’s competition rather than being Bat Vs Ball.

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