Army Of The Dawn


This is a review of Rick Joyner’s “The army of the dawn.” This book was written by Rick Joyner, who is the founder and executive director of Morning-Star ministries.

The book cover is eye catching with the warrior in full Armor. Wearing the helmet of salvation, the breastplate of righteousness, his loins girded with the belt of truth, wielding the sword of the spirit which is the word of God, and holding the shield of faith in a defensive posture ready to block any attack from the enemy.

The background reminds you of a battle ground with the glow from the flames of fire, ash and dark smoke covering the ground with other soldiers fighting. The original cover art was designed by Bill Osborne. This cover art actually matches the title of the book and the contents of the book. When you first see this book on a shelf and read the title Army of the Dawn: Preparing for the greatest event of all time, one would imagine the content would talk about spiritual warfare. To assume this you would be wrong.

What Army of the Dawn all About?

Army of the dawn, is not only a training manual for the body of Christ but a prophetic sneak peak into the near future as Rick Joyner pulls back the veil and reveals what the true church of Jesus Christ will shortly become. Doing the work as Christ would have us to do.

The title of the book I suppose was taken from 1 Thessalonians 5: 4-5. I won’t add the scripture here. I do encourage you to pick up your Bible and read it for yourself.

Preparing the way …

“We are now coming to the last day of the prophetic week, the Sabbath that Christ will be the Lord over.”

The first chapter is a compelling call to understanding the prophetic week as Peter and all of the Apostles knew. It was so important that Peter stated in 2Peter 3: 8 … “Do not forget this one thing …” It is very important for all Christians to understand the prophetic time table set before us in scripture. This is a part of understanding the mysteries of the Word.

God has an army that is just beginning to gather in chapter two Joyner, gives us a glimpse of what Jesus meant by “Upon this Rock I will build my Church.” I also believe that God through the Holy Ghost is gathering his children together for such a time as this.

This is one of the important chapters to understand how God moves people from our salvation experience and on to basic training where we learn about our spiritual weapons, our calling especially for groups within a church, and our choices that could mean life or death. This chapter is reinforced throughout the book. One of the most important topics raised in this chapter understanding the keys of the kingdom.

I don’t want to bore you and give away much of this book so, instead going chapter by chapter let me fill you in on a few more important points this book sheds a beam of light on.

I am grateful that brother Rick writes about hardships and how those hardships help each one of us grow in patience. Many glaze over this point but Jesus never did because he told us plainly in scripture that we will suffer in this world.

Throughout the book brother Joyner, uses military and martial verbiage. This is due to his military experience and how God organizes you to become a better soldier in the army of the Lord. Without spiritual discipline you would endanger the entire body of Christ and may send other to an eternity in Hell.

He explains ways that the body of Christ is like a human army and ways that it is not. This is very important to understand and may enlighten you if you are in or planning on going into the ministry.

The book also delves into two curses that destroys nations (Is America under this curse?) What the “Flames of Fire” is and are you one of them?

Wimps do not make Good Christians

Are you a leader or a follower? Will you make the right decisions when the time comes, or will you make decision that will be costly? There is a reason God gave gifts unto men and how these gifts will operate in the body when we come to the fullness of Christ as one. You will discover the 5 phases of Gods army and how each phase will bring individuals to their call.

The status quos of basic Christianity is coming to an end and the true church of Christ is awakening. Brother Joyner also discusses the 5 stages coming on the church in this hour that will mold the Body of Christ into the most awesome force this planet has ever seen.

He Created Us Male and Female

There are only a few things that I don’t agree with in this book and that is that the Church is the bride of Christ. Rick Joyner, tries to explain the difference between being the bride of Christ and being the army of God and being the body of Christ. It is pretty awkward as he tries to explain the differences. It comes across mechanical and un-natural, because it is. Nowhere in scripture does it say that the Church is the bride of Christ.

But it does explain how we are the body of Christ (1 Corinthians 12: 12-14.) If there has ever been a deception the devil has tried to confused the Church with this is one of them.

All in all, Army of the Dawn is one of the most important books that I have read this year. If you have been wondering if this book is for you? and if you will find value from this little gem? I think that any pastor or layman will find this book not only fascinating but highly encouraging and inspiring for the body of Christ. Thank you for reading this book review of Rick Joiner: Army of the Dawn.

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